Uncovering You by Scarlett Edwards – Excerpt, Review and Dream Cast

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Book Info:

Title – Uncovering You

Genre – Dark Romance

Release Date – March 27th, 2014

Series (Y/N) – Yes, first book in series.  Second will be out April 20th, 2014.


When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what’s waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.

Reality is much worse:

A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.

I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom:


Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:

Resist and die.

Or submit, and sign my life away.





Oh God. It’s him. There’s no mistaking that rich, masculine treble.

What’s he doing down here?

“M-Mr. Stonehart,” I stutter, turning. I curse my inability to hide my surprise. He totally caught me off-guard. I have to look up to meet his eyes. Then up some more.

The face that I find is so striking it should belong to a Greek god.

He’s younger than I expected. Late thirties, maybe early forties.

That means he started his company when he was younger than me!

Dark scruff lines his angular cheeks. His jet-black hair is styled in long, natural waves. My fingers itch to run through it.

Totally inappropriate.

He has a prominent nose that might be too big on a less imposing man, but on him, it’s perfect.

In short, he’s a package of the purest masculinity I’ve ever seen.

And then there are his eyes. Oh my God. His eyes. They pierce into me like honing missiles. They are the deepest black I have ever seen. They would be frightening if they weren’t so beautiful. When the light reflects a certain way, you catch a glimpse of the purple underneath.

They are like midnight sapphires. His eyes reveal a cunning intellect. Those eyes do not miss a thing.

Add all that to his towering height, his wide shoulders, his confident-yet-at-ease posture… and Stonehart cuts an intimidating figure.

My gaze darts to his left hand before I can stop it. No ring. He’s unmarried.

He looks down at me, expectantly. His eyes narrow ever so slightly, and I feel like I’m being dissected, measured up, and tucked away in some small corner of his brain. I imagine this is what a gemstone feels like under the magnifying class of the most critical appraiser.

Stonehart clears his throat. I come to with a start, realizing I haven’t said anything in ages. I open my mouth, but the capacity for speech seems like a foreign concept to my brain. “I—”

Somebody bumps into me from behind. I stagger forward. I’m not used to these shoes, so my heel steps the wrong way. My ankle twists under me, and I start to fall.

I don’t fall far. The hand still on my elbow tightens, and Stonehart pulls me into him.

I plaster myself onto the solid steel wall the man has for a body. I catch a scent of his cologne. It’s a deep, musky smell with a hint of charred spruce that is all male. It scrambles my thoughts even more.

“Sorry!” a rushed voice calls out. From the corner of my eye, I see the postman giving a hurried, apologetic wave.

Although the sequence lasts less than a second, it feels like an eternity. Pressed up against him like that, I don’t want to move. I know that I couldn’t have made a worse first impression.

Stonehart eases me off him with a firm yet gentle grip. Our eyes meet. I flush the most vibrant red. His fingers graze my forehead as he brushes a lock of hair out of my face.

Any tenderness I may have imagined vanishes when Stonehart takes out his cell. He long dials a key and growls an order. “Steven. See the delivery boy leaving right now? Have his building pass revoked.”

I gape. Stonehart keeps speaking. “Wait. I thought of one better. Bar his company from accessing the building.” There’s a pause. “For how long? Indefinitely. FedEx can talk to me when they have an improved employee selection program in place.”

The phone call gives me just enough time to compose myself. My heart’s still beating out of my chest. But nobody has to know that.

I speak without thinking. “You’re going to restrict the entire company from serving this building because of that?”

Stonehart humors me with an answer. “A company’s employees are its most important asset. Their behavior reflects the organization as a whole. If FedEx decided that clown is good enough for them, it tells me they’re sloppy. I do not do business with sloppy organizations.”

“What about the other tenants in the building?” I ask. “Won’t that piss them off?”

When I hear myself and realize how improper my question is, my cheeks flame red again.

Stonehart’s eyes darken, as if he cannot believe I asked that question. I open my mouth to apologize for my imprudence, hating the way my professional skills have evaporated into thin air. I’m cut off by a short, barked laugh.

“Miss Ryder.” He sounds amused. “I believe that is the most direct and honest question anybody has dared ask me in weeks.” He takes my elbow again and leads me to the elevators. I have to take two quick steps to match one of his long strides.

“Yes,” he continues. “They will be ‘pissed off.’ But the perk of owning a building—” he hits the elevator call button, “—is that you get to make executive decisions.” He gives me an unreadable glance as the doors open. “That is, at the risk of being questioned by inexperienced interns.”

If that isn’t a loaded remark, I don’t know what is. I flush scarlet red for the third time since I’ve met him. I’ve never had a man throw me so off balance.

The elevator is packed, for which I’m infinitely thankful. The trip up will give me some time to properlycompose myself.

Gratitude turns to panic when the crowd files out, meek as mice, when Stonehart steps in. None of the people waiting in the lobby follow us.

The doors close. I’m alone in here with him. My heart’s beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings.

He catches me staring. “Impressed?” he asks.

“They know you,” I manage.

His dark eyes flash with amusement. “Astute.”

tumblr_n1lnr1rkLv1smoa2vo1_500 copy


Lilly Ryder wakes alone and in the dark with no recollection of where she is or how she got there. After feeling around she realizes she isn’t being held in a dingy basement-no- she’s trapped in a large, grand room of marble. When the lights turn on she finds a letter stating she could earn her freedom by signing the contract that would be presented tomorrow. After reading the contract Lilly begins to feel helpless and full of disgust- there is no way she will agree to the terms! Also, the only thing she knows about her captor is his initials signed at the bottom J. S.

As time passes Lilly becomes more and more desperate and ultimately must make a decision based on survival. She goes over every detail she can remember to try and piece together but what happened that led to her being held captive. Will she learn the truth? Just who is J.S.? And will she give in or fight until the end?

I finished this excellent start to a new serial in one sitting- its fast-paced, detailed and full of suspense. I was pleasantly surprised that this author added a new element to captivity stories- a new “method” of captivity. No, Lilly isn’t bound by ropes or chains but she’s just as restrained with the device used by her captor. I think this original added piece definitely made this story unique and even more intense.

Part One isn’t as dark as some of my recent reads but focuses on setting up the scene for events to come. We journey through Lilly’s memories and come to learn more about her while she simultaneously attempts to figure out why and how she’s wherever she is. After finishing this story I’m left, almost as desperate as Lilly, wanting more!

*copy of book gifted for honest review

5 of 5 LOVE TAPS


reviewed by Regan

Dream Cast:

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This Girl Stripped by Dawn Robertson – Review & Teasers



My innocence was shattered one steamy October night, when I sold my soul to the devil to pay for a week in a dirty motel room.
Thinking I could rid myself of him, I fled the safety of the nomad lifestyle I had embraced my entire life for the security of a small upstate New York town, alongside my big sister Star.

What I never anticipated was a green eyed stranger that would steal my heart and never look back. And a dark eyed man on a motorcycle, who would teach me how to trust again. Both of them completely shattering every wall I ever put up to keep men out of my vulnerable world.

I am Paisley Bloom, and this is my devastating story.


Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00II0UD2Y

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/this-girl-stripped-dawn-robertson/1118635586?ean=9781496006486

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id823630120


About Dawn:

dawnrobertsonsheadshotDawn Robertson is a twenty-something indie erotic romance, and mother.  She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her kids, and Pitbull puppy.

Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids (or being run over by their power wheels),  reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop (or dragging her Macbook to the Genius bar praying they can save her latest work in progress), or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life.

Website: http://eroticadawn.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/authordawnrobertson

Twitter: http://twitter.com/eroticadawn

Goodreads: http://goodreads.com/dawnrobertson



Paisley Bloom set off to see the world and found herself stripping at a dingy strip club trying to keep a motel roof above her head. Because of her naiveté and trusting nature, Paisley finds herself a victim of a vicious attack on her body and virtue. With nowhere else to go and no one to turn to, she heads back home and now must try to heal.

Broken and scarred, Paisley becomes comfortable leaning on Chrome’s brother River and the two begin a fun-loving and unconditional friendship. As their friendship begins to morph and change River’s nature becomes darker and Paisley begins to doubt her initial feelings. When sexy and sensitive Diesel steps into the picture Paisley finds herself in one confusing triangle- what is there to do in the battle between head and heart?

This Girl Stripped was fast-paced and the plot moved along rapidly. However, it was necessary to move events along because we already know much about Paisley from the previous books in the series. This book really gives us a picture of how Paisley feels and just how complicated she is. I couldn’t connect with Paisley like I could with Seven and Star because there were too many inconsistencies in her character. For example, her hair color changed from the last book and her age also changed throughout this book. Therefore, I couldn’t get a clear picture of her in my head as I read her story.

Despite the one drawback I still enjoyed this addition to the Hers series even though it didn’t end how I wanted. I am a fan of love triangles and found myself anxiously reading to see who she would choose.

I have fallen in love with River’s character and the darkness he hides was definitely a surprise to me while reading. Ever since he was a crutch to Star I thought of him as one of my favorites! I do hope the author writes more of him in the future!

Again, this book tackles difficult and controversial topics. I believed the author handled the difficult portrayal of a woman’s reproductive choice very tactfully and didn’t shy away from the emotions one feels after making such a choice. This book may not be suitable for those who do not want to read about such a circumstance.

*free book gifted for honest review

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS

4 hands

reviewed by Regan

Kink the Halls (Hers #3) by Dawn Robertson – Review

Kink the Halls (Hers, #3)Kink the Halls (Hers #3)

by Dawn Robertson 

’Tis the Season for an inappropriate Christmas tale!

Seven and Levi are celebrating their first holiday together.
Star is pretending to be domesticated.
And siblings are banging each other.

Seriously, what more do you expect from the Seven James-Parker/Star Bloom crew?

One thing is for sure, this is a Christmas no one will be forgetting anytime soon!




The fun-loving and badass characters from the Hers series return in this holiday novella. Seven and Levi journey to Star’s home in Woodstock for the festivities and are surprised to see Star so domesticated. Star is determined to make the holidays the best for her family! With a packed house of guests sparks fly, new unions are made, and we get a taste of Seven’s sass that has been missing from reading her viewpoint.

I enjoyed this chapter in the lives of the characters and feel it was necessary to read in order to see the overall plot moving. While Star is definitely my favorite character I did enjoy being back in Seven’s mind for a while and missed her humor. Kink the Halls is an adorable novella and a great read to prepare oneself for the next book in the series- sit back grab a hot cocoa or coffee and wish you were also watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

*free copy gifted for honest review

3 of 5 LOVE TAPS


reviewed by Regan

Finding Willow (Hers #2) by Dawn Robertson – Review

Finding Willow (Hers, #2)Finding Willow (Hers #2)

by Dawn Robertson

Sex is all I have ever known.
It started at an early age, and never stopped.
Men, women, threesomes, foursomes, orgies. Fuck it, whatever goes.

Twenty eight years old and nothing to show for my life but a fat bank account, and an impressive porn catalogue; all featuring yours truly; Starburst Bloom.

I’m at a crossroads, and I have a choice to make. I choose salvation.
I choose life. I choose myself, for the first time ever.

I will find her. I will find the life I was forced to give up.
I just pray that he stays out of my way.

Finding Willow contains mature content which may not be suitable for all readers.
FW contains minor abuse themes.

This novel contains sexual situations, some non-consensual, and is for mature readers only.


About this author


Dawn Robertson is a twenty-something indie erotic romance, and mother. She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her kids, and Pitbull puppy.

Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids (or being run over by their power wheels), reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop (or dragging her Macbook to the Genius bar praying they can save her latest work in progress), or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life


Starburst “Star” Bloom hasn’t lived a good or happy life.  Neglected and abused as a young child, she never felt true love besides the unconditional support from her best friend, Seven.  Seven and Star relied on each other in their youth and became lovers as they grew up.  Although both women love each other the time comes where they decide to move on and remain strictly platonic.

“I couldn’t keep her forever, because Seven was never mine to begin with.  Even if she is all I’ve ever wanted.”

Finding Willow takes place parallel and shortly after the events in Hers.  Star leaves fast-paced New York on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and to track down the baby she was forced to give up eleven years ago.   Along the way she faces her traumatic past, makes a new friend, becomes clean, and finds unexpected love in the form of sexy badass Chrome.  However, her lead to Willow results in a dead end- will she find her long lost baby or is she gone forever?

This book has done it for me- I’m now invested in the series.  I loved all of the characters in this book, even the minor ones.  Star has such low self-esteem in the beginning of the book that it is easy to sympathize with her and care about her journey.  Although I didn’t agree with all of her actions I was rooting for Star the whole way!

Chrome was an enigma as we don’t really learn much about him besides what his brother, River tells to Star.  However, Chrome definitely made me swoon even though there were some twists and turns with how he comes to stay in Star’s life.

The material in this book contains some serious topics and may not be suitable for all readers.  In the beginning there is a scene of childhood sexual abuse and subsequent memories of abuse throughout the story.  I believe the author tackled these topics with tact and a realistic yet heartbreaking depiction of the aftermath followed by a reclamation of one’s worth and dignity.   Reading a topic like this is definitely hard but watching the character blossom and reclaim her life made this book a top read for me.

*free copy provided for honest review

5 of 5 LOVE TAPS


reviewed by Regan


SEMBLANCE by Logan Patricks – Review

Logan book coverSYNOPSIS:

Whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness has never starved a day in their lives.

My name is Aria Valencia, a third year classical music student at the university, and I was down to my last dollar. Some nights, I seriously considered working at the rippers just to make ends meet, but the thought of my dad’s spirit–God rest his soul–scowling at me while I danced up on some drooling degenerate was enough to turn me off the idea completely.

And then one night, chance came knocking on my door under the guise of the Midnight Society, a secret cabal comprised of the most wealthy and influential souls this side of the Universe. Their leader was a man named Shadow, who was equally enigmatic as he was gorgeous and, for some mystifying reason, had his dark brooding eyes focused on me.

Seduced by the promises of fame and fortune in exchange for a seemingly innocent request, I soon found myself drawn into a provocative world filled with both vast riches and unending lies and it didn’t take long for me to realize what being a part of the Midnight Society actually entailed: shiny things, sensual romance, and dead bodies.

Being with Shadow came with a terrible price, one that I wasn’t willing to pay. There’s a dark side to every love story, and this one was mine.

Amazon UK / Amazon US / GOODREADS



Logan discovered both love and heartbreak at the tender age of seven, when the pretty little blue-eyed girl next door stole his Kit-Kat bar and shared it with the bad boy from across the street. Devastated, Logan found solace by escaping into imaginary worlds he forged with words, creating kingdoms where the chivalrous knight always got the princess.

Twenty three years later Logan spends his days in a suit and tie, working for the government on matters of network security. However his thoughts never strayed too far from the incendiary nature of love — the passionate fire that’s both scintillating and dangerous. Obsessed with exploring the steamy and mysterious side of human nature, Logan continues to create worlds filled with thrills, mystery, and of course, sex.

Website: http://www.loganpatricks.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoganPatricks

Facebook: Logan Patricks

Amazon Page: Logan Patricks Amazon Page


We visited four more temple ruins that afternoon. Though not as extravagant as Angkor Wat, each one was just as haunting and beautiful. The one that touched me profoundly was Ta Prohm, where an ancient looking tree seeped through the ruin’s walls creating a harmonious union between stone and root.

Two different elements of nature, fused into one to form one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen.

I turned around and looked at Shadow, who was too busy examining the carvings on the stone walls to notice that I was staring at him.

We were two distinct entities in this vast universe ourselves—Shadow living in a world of money, power, and a haunting past which suffocates him daily. Meanwhile I was a simple girl whose life blood was filled with impossible dreams and musical sonatas. My future terrified me and my past was filled with bittersweet memories.

A week ago, the thought of being in a relationship with this provocative, but ridiculously handsome man was the last thing I wanted. Seeing the symbiotic union between the tree and the temple made me wonder if a love between Shadow and I could be just as beautiful and spellbinding?

I wanted him. God, I wanted him so badly.

I wanted these dates to be more than just a façade.

I wanted these moments we had together to mean just as much to Shadow as they did to me. I wanted him to look at me as I looked at him—as the person who captured his heart.


Breathtaking. Captivating. Thrilling. Original. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe this book- THE best book I’ve read so far in 2014. Instantly we are thrust into a world of secret societies, dangers, and infinite wealth. Aria Valencia is a lowly classical music student who is barely scraping by on her own. When a mysterious email arrives inviting her to play at an elite restaurant she cannot believe her luck. At the event Aria meets the alluring and mysterious Calisto, a gorgeous and intriguing woman, who invites Aria to play for a secret private party. Aria attends the party which sets in motion the plot and mystery of the story.

Shadow, the newly indicted leader of the Midnight Society, involves Aria in his life and the two form a quick yet understandable bond. Born out of different circumstances Aria and Shadow begin to lean on each other and fall in love. But there’s more beneath the surface- darkness and hunger for vengeance nearly consume Shadow- will it consume the love he receives from Aria as well?

A review is simply not enough to rave about this book! I had never heard of the author before but he has become an instant favorite of mine. The writing flowed easily, the element of classical music enhanced the tone of the story, and all characters were extremely well-developed.

Aria was such a beautiful soul and the perfect heroine for this book. She was selfless and compassionate yet fierce and stood her ground. Shadow became her perfect complement and while he was dark, he was still hiding a soft spot deep underneath the Alpha veneer.

There isn’t much to say without giving away the plot but I can guarantee you will not be able to guess the ending! The author had me guessing until the very last page. Five beautiful stars and a high recommendation to pick this one up now!

*A classical piano song is referenced throughout this book and I highly suggest giving it a listen as it enhances the tone of the story: Gaspard de la Nuit.*

**free copy provided for honest review

5 of 5 LOVE TAPS


reviewed by Regan

Uncomplicated: A Vegas Girl’s Tale by Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker – Review & Giveaway


Uncomplicated Blurb:

Three days a week I work your everyday nine-to-five. The paperwork is never-ending. The pay is mediocre, and the office drama is simply intolerable. But the other four days a week, I am my own boss.

My name is Jennifer Sunshine and I am a Vegas Call Girl.

My clients range from frat boys on spring break to multimillionaire business men with stuffy wives and less than ideal equipment.

I don’t have a daddy-complex or some kind of sob story.

I don’t need the money, but it certainly is nice.

The only thing I crave is the exhilarating feeling I get from being in control of something. Anything.

My life is uncomplicated, simple even.

That was until he bulldozed his way into my life, and everything changed.

Overnight he makes me realize how much I truly need him.

Kobo Buy Links:




Barnes and Noble:


Jo-Anna Walker Bio:


I’m a new self-published author who just got introduced to the writing world early 2013. My aunt suggested that I write a story because I’m an avid reader but I waved it off and left it alone. Well this year, a story came to me and I went with it. It took me a little bit but I finally got a story idea that worked and now I can’t stop or control the characters/stories that keep popping up in my head.

I’m born and raised in Canada and I live with my very wonderful and supportive husband, Michael. We don’t have any children (yet) unless you count our cat. My hubby been my rock through this whole new experience for me. I couldn’t have done it without him and my friends and family.

One of the many things I love about this new chapter in my life is that I’m learning constantly. It’s never a dull moment and as long as one person likes my story, I am happy.

Author Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joanna.wlkr.author

Twitter: @joannawlkr

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7061953.Jo_Anna_Walker

Blog: http://joannawlkr.blogspot.ca/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jo-Anna-Walker/e/B00E6S4A8A/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1390080220&sr=8-1

Contact me: joanna.wlkr@hotmail.com or joanna.wlkr.author@hotmail.com

My books:

Shattered Series (Erotica Romance):

Break Me- http://tinyurl.com/leaoxhm

Always Me- http://tinyurl.com/mefux5m


Vegas Girls Series (Erotica Romance) with Dawn Robertson:

Uncomplicated- http://tinyurl.com/pm46rdb

A Heart Story Serial Novel:

In the Heart of Yesterday

In the Heart of Now

In the Heart of Tomorrow

In the Heart of Us

In the Heart of Forever (Full Novel)- http://tinyurl.com/ndr4yw8

Dawn Robertson Bio:


Dawn Robertson is a twenty-something indie erotic romance, and mother. She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her kids, and Pitbull puppy.

Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids (or being run over by their power wheels), reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop (or dragging her Macbook to the Genius bar praying they can save her latest work in progress), or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life.

Author Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDawnRobertson

Twitter: @EroticaDawn

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7265801.Dawn_Robertson

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dawn-Robertson/e/B00FSOU9ZY/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1390600867&sr=8-1

Website: http://www.eroticadawn.com/

Contact me: authordawnrobertson@gmail.com

My books:

Hers Series (Erotica Romance):

Hers- http://tinyurl.com/o2qk5yu

Finding Willow- http://tinyurl.com/nj86yd6

Kink the Halls- http://tinyurl.com/q4yy67v


Vegas Girls Series (Erotica Romance) with Jo-Anna Walker:

Uncomplicated- http://tinyurl.com/pm46rdb


Crashed- http://tinyurl.com/oubwtrj


Jennifer “Jenny” Sunshine is a no-nonsense, fiery, and go-getter type of woman. She can’t be tied down by things like marriage and babies. Jenny also works as a high-end escort and loves calling all the shots. When Jenny attends the opening of Club Maroon she doesn’t expect to encounter cocky and suave Mathis Verlinden. Little does Jenny know that her life is about to become VERY complicated and quickly as their paths aren’t going to uncross any time soon…

Jenny and Mathis are very likable characters despite their shady pasts. Both of them are characterized as very selfish and self-centered individuals in the beginning of the book but become better people as they learn love isn’t for fools. The only thing that threw me off in this book was the characters changed way too much throughout the book that it wasn’t realistic. Also, both of them contradict themselves numerous times. Yes, people change but not their core values and core beliefs- or at least in a few days’ time.

An interesting and unique aspect of this book is the authors’ use of the color red. There are numerous references in business names, Jenny’s outfits, and Mathis’ thoughts. Red typically brings to mind blood, passion, violence, and intrigue. The ongoing symbolism of the use of this color added an extra oomph to the story in my opinion.

The erotic scenes in this book are on fire and well-written so be prepared to have your socks knocked off! This is a perfect book to read while soaking in a bubble bath and drinking a Cosmo and I’d recommend it those who enjoy erotic romance with a Vegas twist.

*free copy gifted for honest review

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS

4 hands

reviewed by Regan


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Academy of Love by Kate Deveaux – Deleted Scene & Review

Academy of Love_cover artAcademy of Love

by Kate Deveaux


Erotic Goes Old School
Love smolders and the sex is red hot when Cassianna Baxter leaves behind a glamorous teaching career in Italy to return to her old Alma Mater, Lewiston Academy for Girls as the Deputy Head Mistress.

No sooner does she arrive at the Academy than she walks smack into sexy Lawrence Taylor, her first love and ex lover.

He’s been looking for her ever since he was forced to leave her and now that she is back at the Academy he knows he has to win her back. And not just in his bed.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/198dRs7

B&N: http://bit.ly/1bi6C1u

Red Sage: http://eredsage.com/store/DEVEAUX_KATE.html

Red Sage Publishing Official Release Date: August 1 2013


Deleted Scene: Academy of Love

Kate Deveaux: 

I wrote this scene when I was contemplating a different ending for Academy of Love — a more matrimonial ending. In the writing process, I cut this scene, as Cassianna and Lawrence weren’t quite ready to wrap up their story in a neat tidy l bow. Not yet anyway. But who knows, maybe this scene will pop up in another chapter of Lawrence and Cassianna’s life?


This scene takes place at the end of the book in Hawaii.

Between you and me and the wall here it is:


Cassianna slipped into her simple off-the-shoulder white satin dress. A trail of embroidery down the centre of the skirt. She placed the white tulle veil on her auburn hair which was piled high, and slipped the delicate tiara in her hair.

“You look incredible,” Anne squealed, as she looked at her sister-in-law to be. The twins, Deanna and Dora starred at ‘Auntie Cassianna,’ and were as thrilled as their mother was, to be part of the wedding party. Not to mention they relief they must have felt that the decade old drama of Lawrence and Cassianna might actually be ending in a real life happily ever after. The twins were too young to know this of course, but Cassianna could tell from the look in Anne’s eyes the wedding couldn’t come soon enough. For Cassianna as well. She could barely keep her hands off Lawrence.

They’d sworn chastity for the past twenty-four hours and her face flushed at the thought. Her pussy slickened with the memory of how he’d taken her to her knees on the white sand beach in front of his house the day before and made wild love to her in broad daylight. The rush of the ocean tide rolling onto shore the only thing that stifled her orgasmic cries of pleasure. Luckily it was his private beach. If anyone had seen them she would have died, her ass sticking a mile high in the air as she rode Lawrence like there was no tomorrow. But there was a tomorrow. And a day after that. And they would all be filled with the man of her dreams who had made his way back to her. All these years later. A life with the stud she dreamed off all those sleepless nights in Italy, with Richard snoring beside her.

Thank God he was out of the picture. What she needed was a real man, like Lawrence, who made her tremble with want just at one glance. Or his firm grip on her ass.

“Hot?” Anne asked, eying the bead of sweat forming on Cassinna’s perfectly made up face.

“Huh? Oh, no,” Cassianna replied quickly, seeing her reflection in the mirror and the physical effect her reverie had on her. Her cheeks her flamed red and her eyes sparkled brightly. “No, I’m fine, just the sooner I get down the aisle and into his arms the better.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Anne said, fussing with the Hawaiian print dresses for the twin. Deanna in pink and white and Dora in lime green and white. Each girl wore a small lei of white and pink orchids. Samantha, Tristan’s girlfriend, had gladly helped with the impromptu wedding, eagerly looking after the orchids leis for bridal party and bouquets of tropical flowers. It was Hawaii after all and she was about to become Mrs. Lawrence Taylor. He hands shook, not with nerves but with anticipation of seeing Lawrence again at sundown on the beach, waiting to become her husband. To have and the hold. Oh how she’d wish he’d hold her down right now and have his way with her.

A knock at the door was a welcome distraction. Anne hurried to see who it was while Cassianna scolded herself to get a grip as she inspected her hair and make-up in the large mirror.

Lawrence’s voice carried from the doorway into her room. Cassianna’s heart beat faster at the sound of Anne playfully telling him it was bad luck for him to see the bride before the wedding. Oh, what Cassianna would give for just one intimate moment with him before the wedding. But she knew better.

“Just have her come near to the door, so she can hear me,” his voice boomed though the doorway.

“I can hear you just fine,” Cassianna called back, as she stepped a few steps closer but hid behind the door. “You’re not going to get a glimpse of me ‘til I walk down that aisle. I mean beach.”

“I just wanted to tell you….there’s someone here to see you, Cassie.”


About The Author:

Kate Deveaux - authorKATE DEVEAUX is a contemporary, erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. It was after reading Jane Eyre in high school, that she became hooked on the idea of writing about romance, excitement and drama. Kate has been penning stories, from the sensual to the sinfully sexy, ever since!

A former wedding planner, Kate has always been “in love” with love! She was inspired to transition from writing racy short stories to full length manuscripts after meeting other authors in the romance world at industry workshops, conferences and events. Now a multi published contemporary romance novelist, Kate is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) as well as their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. Born in London, England, Kate has lived in both the U.K. and the U.S. She and her husband currently reside in Arizona. When she’s not writing or reading, Kate can be found on the tennis court—yes, there’s even “love” in that game too!

Author website: http://www.katedeveaux.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kate-Deveaux/349294291841235

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KateDeveaux

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/katedeveaux

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/7126956.Kate_Deveaux



Cassianna Baxter leaves her culturally rich life in Italy to return to her alma mater, Lewiston Academy, as the new Deputy Head. Although she is making a fresh start Cassianna can’t help but to reminisce about her days at the all-girls boarding school. Cassianna had a whirlwind affair with the Equestrian teacher that ended with him leaving abruptly. Devastated, Cassianna left the academy in her youth and has finally returned. However, fate may have dealt the cards for her as she runs into her first love, Lawrence. Can the two make amends or is the past just too devastating to overcome?

Academy of Love was a fun and intriguing second chance romance. I felt the cover was misleading because there was no leather and bondage type of play- but there is enough steam in the book to make it red hot! Despite the years apart the passion between Cassianna and Lawrence hasn’t let up and each scene is well-written, if not a little exaggerated as well. However, the plot held me throughout the book and the author successfully incorporated a realistic setting and new elements that I haven’t read in the erotic fiction genre.

Not only does Cassianna rediscover her passion for her first love, she always rediscovers her passion for horseback riding. With a blend of romance, boarding school happenings, and horseback riding there are a variety of subjects to keep the reader interested. Cassianna is also a lovable character, yet flawed as she is quick to jump to conclusions and becomes victim to many miscommunications. However, her genuine personality and fiery spirit has the reader hoping she gets her happily ever after.

*free copy provided for honest review

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS

4 hands

reviewed by Regan

Hers by Dawn Robertson – Trailer & Review


I am weak.
I am lonely.
I am a slut.
I am strong.
I am Dominant.
I am independent.
I am Seven James.

My entire life, no one has wanted me, and that was fine, because I sure as shit didn’t need anyone else. Blah, Blah Blah, insert sad story here about negligent parents, and shitty siblings, and you have my life story in a nut shell. When my college boyfriend dumped me, it was just icing on the cake. Five years, and a booming career later I am here to collect my revenge.

That was until a delicious plaything walked into the kink club I frequent, and rocked my typically un-rockable world. Causing me to break the one rule I have lived by since Daniel Alexander walked out of my life, never have sex with the same person twice. Ever.

Warning!!!! Hers contains sexually explicit situations that may be uncomfortable for some. These include FF, FMF, and MFM interactions.

Goodreads / Amazon / B&N

thursdayteaserAuthor Bio:

Dawn is a woman of many colors. Born and raised in the North-East, the youngest child of three, to two hard working, and extremely dedicated parents, she thrived on her love for creative writing. Her commitment to hard work lead her down a number of career paths over the years, stopping with her love for fiction.

In a bold, and unexpected move, she quit her full-time nine to five gig to thrust herself into her debut erotic novel, Hers.

Dawn is a mother, entrepreneur, and self proclaimed book whore.


Website: http://authordawnrobertson.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDawnRobertson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eroticadawn


Seven James, corporate businesswoman by day and dominatrix by night, believes she’s landed the deal of her career.  Finally she can watch the man who broke her heart squirm as she steals his coveted position.  However, nothing goes according to plan as Seven becomes entangled with board member and hottie, Levi Parker.

Seven and Levi start a no-strings arrangement which becomes messy as the characters develop feelings for each other.  Cue in two conniving exes and Seven’s BFF/lover Star and the reader can see Seven’s life is one hot mess! What will Seven aka Mistress M do to get her life in control? Will Levi melt the ice from Seven’s heart?

First off this book started out very kinky! Seven has no boundaries and loves indulging her sexual urges with men and women or multiple people.  But the more we see inside Seven’s head the more we learn that she does have a soft side- buried very, very deep.  About a quarter through the book I thought I had read a few inconsistencies with the story.  However, after finishing the book and reflecting I decided that the inconsistencies were not that of the story but that of the character.

Seven assures herself throughout the book that her feelings for Star are only sexual and the two could never have a happily ever after.  However, once Seven catches Star in a compromising situation she is broken and in tears crying how the only person she loved unconditionally betrayed her.   Seven’s reaction is a definite indicator that her feelings were more than just physical.  In Seven’s mind she could be intimate with Star but would never consider dating her because they both “needed men.”  I feel this painted the bisexuality of the characters in a poor light and I would’ve liked to avoid negative clichés.

Despite Seven being all over the place with her emotions (or lack thereof) I still liked her character and rooted for her throughout the book.  Seven has a tragic past and has carried her baggage around all these years.   With Levi there to help unpack, Seven finally comes into herself and gains more confidence and hope for the future.

A lot of events happened in this book- and quickly- but I didn’t feel it was rushed.   The pacing was enjoyable and I read the book in one sitting.  I would recommend this to others because it was a great story filled with awesome kink and a vanilla ending- something for every erotic reader!

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS

4 hands

reviewed by Regan

Still Human by Kerry Heavens – Review & Giveaway



by Kerry Heavens

series Just Human #2

Published October 20th 2013




Danny and Liv are back…

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him because she ran without a word when she saw their future mapped out before her. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her and this time he doesn’t think he can move on.

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her because he broke her heart in the worst possible way, right when things were falling into place. She knows she will never love anyone like she loves him and this time she doesn’t think she can move on.

They needed a second chance because they just weren’t ready for their first, but when events changed everything between them, they discovered they were just human after all. Now Liv and Danny have to find a way to survive being hurt by each other.

They doubted, they underestimated and they did believe the worst, but only because they were too young the first time and too vulnerable the second time. But now they have changed and if they are not the same, surely things can only turn out differently?

About the Author

kerryheavensTerrible wife, Mediocre mother,

Appalling housewife, Fashion graduate,

Wedding coordinator, Sex toy salesperson,

Shop manager Designer, Font collector,

Romance addict, Fancier of nice men,

Ok, fancier of almost all men, Awesome cupcake baker,

Incessant singer, Film buff,

Friend, Writer

Website: http://www.kerryheavens.com

Email: kerryheavens@kerryheavens.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerry-Heavens-Author/115418515310548?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kerryheavens

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kerryheavens/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kerryheavens



You left, but that wasn’t your fault.  So you’ve stayed perfect in my memory.  I guess my fear is, if I let myself love you, you might turn out to be just human.  ~ Liv,Just Human


If the heartbreaking cliffhanger at the end of Just Human wasn’t enough Still Human pulls even tighter on the reader’s heartstrings.   Liv is back in England and struggling to get by after leaving Danny in America.  After forcing her friends and family to not contact Danny she goes to great lengths to put even more distance than 5,000 miles between them- by throwing away her phone and avoiding all social networking.  However, one friend breaks the rule and after hearing Danny’s explanation Max begins a crusade to try and convince Liv to reconcile with Danny.

But…Liv isn’t having it- she saw what she saw and she’s sticking to the hurt and betrayal.  Assuming this separation would be a repeat of the last, Liv doesn’t expect Danny to fight back.  But he isn’t giving up this time- will he win back Liv’s heart? Is there a happily ever after to a relationship that has always seemed doomed?

New Adult is a genre I’ve loved to read in the past year and Kerry Heavens has written two exceptional novels in the genre!  The writing was captivating, fast-paced, and full of emotion.  I could feel the emotions the characters felt and I truly cared about their romance and futures.  Liv is such a likable but frustrating character.  In fact both characters are extremely lovable, but flawed.   Plus there is a wonderful collection of interesting secondary characters who add to the superb world-building this novel presents.

After the break up Liv’s life is very dark and depressing, especially after her falling accident.  She is literally trapped in her apartment with nothing to do but mope.  Against her wishes Max plugs the phone back in and it starts ringing nonstop!  I thought it was so romantic how Danny pursued Liv and wouldn’t give up despite being ignored and rejected.  Over 300 messages?!? I was definitely swooning over the effort he went through.  All in all Still Human has a clear and beautiful message: If you find true love don’t let it go and never give up because there is a second chance for everyone.

5 of 5 LOVE TAPS


review by regann


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