Unraveled (Anything He Wants 10) Boxed Set – Review

Unraveled (Anything He Wants #10)


Eight original tales of passion from eight bestselling authors…

YOURS TO TAKE by USA Today Bestselling Author Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control and held captive by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

YIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille
An ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret erotic desires that could destroy her fighting career.

COMPLETE ABANDON by NY Times Bestselling Author Julia Kent
Six months after having her baby, Laura finds that her sex life has unraveled, even as her BDSM fantasies heat up her eReader. Puzzled and frustrated, her partners Mike and Dylan resort to a little spying—and what they find on her eReader ties someone in knots…but it won’t be them. When their best friends take the baby for an overnight, Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be, as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandon.

THREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye
Two years ago serious law student broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh’s heart. Now, just as Adele is struggling to rebuild her life after the night where everything went wrong, Mal is thrown back into her life… and she meets Dorian Marshall, the sexy Australian lead singer of Three Little Words, a bad boy with a soft spot for her. Mal and Dorian are roommates and friends…. but how can Adele choose just one when they both help to ease her pain?

TAKEN BY STORM by USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew
Jessica doesn’t like to take risks, but when she’s almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.

When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlborough Man look-a-like or the fun-loving exhibitionist. Help Tessa decide in this smokin’ hot interactive tale

THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by USA Today Bestselling Author Vivi Anna
A naive young artist travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live… and who also happens to be a 300 year old vampire.

ANYTHING HE WANTS: ATONEMENT by NY Times Bestselling Author Sara Fawkes
Jeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives, but can their love survive the real world?



YOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox

Such a controlled young woman, she had fought hard to be where she’s at, a lawyer and a good one. In the courtroom Rebecca is relentless, outside of the courtroom she has no social life there is nothing in Rebecca’s life that she isn’t controlling. Quinn’s owns a multi-million dollar company which by means of a sassy lawyer, has to pay a pretty hefty amount money for damages..ect.. to Rebecca’s client. In the courtroom they meet, and both are set off kilter.

Well meaning friends of Rebecca’s think she works to much, and without her knowledge sets her up for a weekend trip to a sex club. Quinn sees her name on the passenger list of one of the planes his company owns. Quinn being controlling and used to getting what he wants goes about rearranging not only his life but Rebecca’s as well. That will no doubt set all kinds of thing a blaze, but is it true anger that Rebecca feels or a hidden passion. He gives her the option to leave, will she?

I really enjoyed this book, the only negative I can say is that it was way too short. Some BDSM, some controlling alpha like behavior, some stomp foot border line brat sub behavior. Some really hot sex behavior. We Quinn and Rebecca fill each others needs? One to dominate one to be dominated….

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS


YIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille

Jax and Marcy, coach and fighter. We know first off (sniffs) we don’t mix work with fun. Both a coach and the fighter needs to stay focused. With Jax and Marcy that was left at the way side. Both have their own little dramatic issues in their life, a lot of reason that one is hiding the other one is running. Jax needs to train Marcy for the upcoming fight to place state. After he has his body wrapped around her, his entire thought process is taking serious hits and Marcy isn’t fairing any better. The fact that this was about a female MMA fighter was awesome and intriguing. (MMA fan that I am). All through the sex scenes were smoking, the BDSM add to it just hot. Loved the spanking… It was a good quick read, I enjoyed it though.

3 of 5 LOVE TAPS



First time mom blues. Any mom out there will fell her blues. Well the dads also, in this story everyone is a bit at a lost after their baby is born. The only one getting any attention is the baby (smiles). Mom is doubting herself, the dads are seriously going without. The males find out that beside their new baby, Laura’s ereader is getting some attention. Laura she uses her ereader to escape into her fantasy world of giving up a bit of control and how much she thinks she’d enjoy it.

A short little love story, that as part of this book was a good read. If it would have been a longer read, Id have liked to see how the baby was taken care of, after all the rest was settled.

2 of 5 LOVE TAPS 


THREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye 

Wow what a surprise. A m-f-m menage, with each participant dealing with past issues. A lead singer, a lawyer, and a coffee house worker. All very unlikely pair, as short as the story is I was completely blown away by its content. Written in a way that was concise but flowed well and made since. Give Ms Hawkeye a round of applause, not many can write a short that is well detailed. Dorian just rocked! Without his way of thinking well… smiles, Mal being the stronger of the two and Adele just showed a lot of spunk. By the way Id have smacked her co-worker if I was there.. just saying. The very good story mixed with a few hot bed scenes.. Id have loved to see where this would have headed if it was a full length novel.

 4 of 5 LOVE TAPS


Taken by Storm by Opal Carew

I should have handed Jessica a book of dreams..(smiles.) A straight and narrow kinda girl, a biker and we all know the rep a biker has., storm is no different. Storm will test Jessica’s fortitude by showing her a different level of “living”, will she become a different type of woman full of passion and energy? It will all start on a night in a Storm and Jessica gets wet in more than one way…

 4 of 5 LOVE TAPS


How to Choose a Cowboy by Daire St. Denis

Brava Ms. Denis now Ill have to go find other books that you wrote. (smiles) I really enjoyed the story and the characters. If it was a full length book I wouldn’t have had a problem reading it through. Tessa has to be one of the most honest women, Ice had the pleasure to meet. Why because she is honest with herself, knowing how she is, and what she wants. She doesn’t shy away from what she needs, she embraces it. Wade is level head if not stubborn sexy cowboy, Connor is the direct opposite sexy cowboy. Tessa is on a weekend vacation and she plans on getting her freak on, and its time to tell the men to .. cowboy up.

5 of 5 LOVE TAPS


The Vampire Design by Vivi Anna

Short and sweet, a painter bound and determined to meet the one artists she looks up to, and when she does he taps into her passion and not just for art. Emily works hard, and goes to art school. Meeting Xavier is more than a dream come true, will she leave the passion behind or will she risk it all and stay.

For the length the book was good, I could be biased by the love of vampires. The story and both Emily and Xavier meshed well.

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS


Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

Almost like a rags to riches or a Cinderella story gone naughty. (smiles) A rich CEO falls for a girl on the other-side of the tracks, A wicked witch of a mother and a job forever busy. For Lucy and Jeremiah communication isn’t at its finest and they will really need to fix that. He works a lot and she’s alone a lot lately. Her friends do some charity work out of country, and Lucy is thinking maybe she needs to follow them. A decent little love story.

3 of 5 LOVE TAPS


* free copy of boxed set provided for honest review

review by daria