Bond of the Lycaon Concubine (The Lycotharian Collection) by Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. – Review

17285476Bond of the Lycaon Concubine (The Lycotharian Collection)

by Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. 

Raina grew up with the faint memories of her grandmother’s fairytales. Tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely nomadic life gave existence to. But when she finds she’s been among the one thing she desired most, can she let go of her more human-raising to submit to it?

Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy minx ever since she started working at the Hell hound Tavern. When a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he was to Raina, he wasn’t expecting her to submit to the beast as his mate. As the Beta to the pack Alpha, Tristan can’t keep a mate to himself, but the secret she holds says otherwise.

But keeping a Lycaon Concubine might mean leaving the pack in order to protect his Alpha, who’s status has kept a pack 500 strong safe for generations.



A girl turned young woman lonely for a family of her own. A saucy, sassy and half wild Raina is pretty much able to take care of herself. She works at a bar thats owned by a shifter (she doesn’t know that part), she has got used to being hit by most of the males in the bar. She even has a reputation of putting grabby hands on their knees.

Tristan is a wolf shifter that has been able to keep his beast under control. He flirts quietly with Raina knowing her “dangerous” reputation. Also knows the pack laws about having a female of his own.

A little bit of danger comes when Tristan and Raina decide to take a walk through the park. That one walk will shake up and change both Tristan and Raina’s lives.

You just have to love shifters stories, this one I liked and enjoyed. It of course could have been a bit longer, Id have like to see the characters filled out a bit more, and see how that pack reacted to the danger of another pack in their Territory and the changes within the pack. All in a pretty good story, sweet, some hot scenes(could have a few more) smiles. I do recommend this… enjoy.

*free copy provided by ManicReaders for honest review

4 of 5 LOVE TAPS

4 hands

review by daria

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One Response to Bond of the Lycaon Concubine (The Lycotharian Collection) by Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. – Review

  1. Terry says:

    Daria I loved this book! Raina is one lady you don’t want to mess with just ask Rory. LOL This story is one of my favorite shifter stories. The spin Talon and Princess put on this story is one of a kind. I loved Raina, Tristan and Vashon. I do hope we get another book for these characters.
    I loved the park scene! Makes you always keep a few coins in your pocket for your trip to the park *wink* When they get back to Raina’s house….. WOW!!

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