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** At the moment We Love Kink is only accepting guest reviewers (for when the regular reviewers get too busy). If you would like to sign up as a guest reviewer please fill out the form that can be found at

Are you interested in becoming a member of our review team? If so we are looking for people who meet the following qualifications.


– Fluent English speakers who can write a clear review.
– Able to review books in a timely fashion.
– Interested in erotic reading books with diverse themes including but not limited to the following:
     – Varying menages (M/M/F, M+/F, F/F/M, etc)
     – Domination/submission – both genders
     – Master/slave – both genders
     – Anal play
     – Wax play
     – Sadism & Masochism

All reviewers must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

– Must be 18 or over.
– Reviewers agree to review all books that are provided to them from We Love Kink. If the reviewer finds they cannot do this, they will contact us so we can assign a different reviewer.
– Reviewers must be able to read digital books in the following formats, PDF, .epub, and .mobi. You can download e-readers for most computers for free.
– If you feel that you cannot fairly review a book because the subject matter is something that you know you do not enjoy, please return it to us so that we may assign another reviewer. We strive to offer fair reviews and if you do not enjoy a certain genre, it is unfair to the Author for you to review their book.
– Reviewers are not paid for reviews. You will receive a free book from the author or publisher.
– In accordance with the law reviewers agree to not distribute or sale any e-books provided to them.
– We Love Kink is in no way liable for reviewers actions. If a reviewer is found breaking the law, they will be immediately removed from our reviewer list and can face legal action from the author or publisher. We love Kink will inform all appropriate parties of the offense.
– All reviews will be based fairly on the content and quality of the book alone. No bashing of author, publisher, or general subject matter is permitted.
– Reviewers cannot be employed by an author or publisher.
– All reviewers must edit their reviews before submission. Due to time constraints our editors can only offer a brief edit of your submission. If you repeatedly submit reviews with errors you will be removed from our list of reviewers.
– Reviewers must always be professional in their reviews.
– By submitting a review, you are assigning copyright to If you wish to publish the reviews on other sites, approval must be given by us.

Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice. If you’re interested in being a reviewer, please email us at welovekinkblog (at) yahoo (dot) com with the following:


– Name
– Contact email
– Number of books you feel you can review in a month
– Preferred genres
– Other sites you currently review for
– Links to at least 2 reviews you have done (if available)
– Name or Alias you would like to use
– Why you feel you would be a good fit for our review team

6 Responses to Become a Reviewer

  1. Margie Dees says:

    I tend to read 5,000 page kindle book every 2-3 days in the BSDM genre… I have reviewed books for Annabel Joseph and Chloe Cox. I am currently on long term medical home treatments and have found that reading in this genre satisfies my time and energy in many ways… I would be happy to review for you….


    Margie Dees

  2. jenni belanger says:

    I read at least one book per day. I feel that reading is what makes life great. I have not written a review for a published author, but I have been reading stories for a friend who is trying to get into the business and giving her my feedback. I would be honored to review any books you would send my way. Thank you for taking the time to read this…

    Jenni Lynn

  3. Emma Kesner says:

    I generally read a book every day or two (I am a mommy, so there are SOME things I need to do!) and review them on my blog, Readaholic’s Reviews. I LOVE to read…it’s my escape…I am currently a reviewer for CBLS, Goddess Fish and Bewitching Book Tours…

  4. TactileCazza says:

    Hi I tend to read a book every couple of days, but then saying that I read all three of Gemma James’s ‘Devils Kiss’ books last night. It depends if the contents keeps my interest into how quickly I get thro it!!!!! I send reviews for most of the books I have read and have reviewed Red Phoenix, Tymber Dalton, Bec Botefuhr and Chloe Thurlow recently! I have a wide and varied love of kink and BDSM and would <3 to join your team! Add me ~ I am always attached to my Kindle x

  5. admin says:

    Ladies, If you would like to be a guest reviewer plkease fill out the form using the link at the top of the page ~M

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